• Sandy Boone

Writing Is Like Hosting A Party

Writing is like hosting a party, a really really big party. And a fun party at that.

First I find a gorgeous venue. Maybe a ballroom with a stage. Decorate it with excitement. Fill it with tables covered by tablecloths, centerpieces and chargers. Chairs covered by creamy dreamy fabric and tied with big bows in the back.

Hire wait staffers who can synchronize the placement of entrees at each table. Order exquisite ingredients and call in a chef to prepare world class cuisine. Send out intriguing invitations.

And when the time finally arrives, I open the double doors and invite my many guests to enter. “Welcome,” I say. “Come in and mingle and settle into your assigned seats. Enjoy your meal.”

And it is time for me to climb the stairs to the stage. “Thank you for coming,” I say. “Now it is time to play. Please join me on stage, Jonathan.”

Everyone claps for the star of our play. The title will be Jonathan Goes Exploring.

Goes and Exploring join Jonathan and me on stage, accompanied by another round of applause.

“So as we play, I will invite more words to the stage. Please remember, if you are not chosen today, there will be many more days to have a turn to play. Thank you, again, beautiful words, for being here. Now on with the play.

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