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Let's Play A Game

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Sandy was washing the dishes from her lunch and our snack. It was going to be hard to distract her. I climbed up on the bar stool across the counter from her

I spy something red, I said.

My dress.

Yep, your turn.

You know what? That is a fun game when we are riding to the beach so your parents can surf while you and I build sandcastles. There is lots to see on the way to the beach. I read a book that gave me an idea for a new game. Are you up for a new game? One that calls for the use of our imaginations.

Sure, what is it called?

I call it "No Mud, No Lotus."

What’s a Lotus?

It is probably one of the oldest flowers on earth. There were lotus flowers growing as long ago as 8,000 years.. That is a lot of years.

What do they look like?

There’s a picture there on my wall. Isn’t it beautiful? But guess what is the only place where it can grow.


In mud. Without muddy, murky water to nurture and support it, the beautiful lotus plant would not grow and the blossom would not open. So "No Mud, No Lotus." Let me give you another example. No Current, No Jellyfish.

I’ve got one.

Ok, let’s hear it.

No Pond, No Kaypods.

What is a Kaypod?

Those tiny wiggly things that turn into frogs. I saw some in our pond this morning.

You’ve got the idea. Want to go for a walk and see what else we can imagine?


It was a beautiful fall day and falling leaves were on the street and the grass and even on some roofs.

Got another one. No Trees, No Leaves.

Yes. No Acorns, No Mighty Oaks. No Sunrise, No Sunset. Hey remember when you broke your leg? And had a cast?

I nodded. She was obviously on a roll.

No Broken Leg, No Cast.

I decided to pick up leaves and throw them in the air.

Ummm. So we have No Mud, No Lotus. No Current, No Jellyfish. No Pond, No Kaypods. No Trees, No Leaves. No Acorns, No Mighty Oaks. No Sunrise, No Sunset. No Broken Leg, No Cast.

No Very Hungry Caterpillar, No Butterfly.

Oh, that is a very good one, Tad. And I love that story.

No Tractor, No Cotton Fields.

Now I was on a roll.

No Water, No Ocean.

No Breeze, No Song By The Wind Chimes. No Ebb, No Flow.

What’s an ebb?

The waves come up on the sand and then ebb back down. Can you imagine a wave that just keeps going and never, ever stops.

That would be silly.

I agree.

No Crayons, No Pictures.

No Mom, No You.


Well, you grew in your Mom’s tummy and so without her, you would not have grown. I would not get to be your babysitter.

I’m not a baby. I’m four.

I know. Babysitting is just what people call what I do. I think I have some more.


No plot, No Novel. No Cotton, No Overalls. No Rain, No Rainbow. Hey, we better get back. It is almost time for your Mom to pick you up.

Mom was there soon. I gave her a hug.

Can we play "No Mud, No Lotus"?

She looked at Sandy like, what? Sandy explained and Mom said the lotus represents rising above difficulty and turning sadness into happiness.

Sandy agreed and added that she was just exploring the perspective of how everything is connected.

Cool, Mom said.

We played "No Mud, No Lotus" on the way home and taught it to Dad that night.

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