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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

It was decades ago when I learned to do Transcendental Meditation. TM, I was told, makes use of my mind’s natural tendency to calm itself.

Receiving my mantra was part of a ceremony with my teacher and me. It was the only time I have ever heard my mantra spoken. I have never written it down. Except for the teacher who gave me my mantra, I am the only person who knows what it is. I don’t know what the words mean. For me, my mantra is simply a sound that I like and that helps me with living life.

For a couple of years, I consistently meditated. It was calming, relaxing, meaningful. My body slumped during meditation and I would go deep into a calm state. Any interruption was jarring.

For some reason I stopped. I think it was just a gradual thing and then meditation was just something I had done.

Recently I started to meditate again. My body now stays upright. I feel like something from the ceiling is holding my head and shoulders erect. It is the way I start my day. Eyes closed, facing to the point where the sun has entered or will enter my day.

Unlike decades ago, I am easily distracted. I hear the ripples splashing at the dock. I feel the breeze. Sometimes, waves of purple and lily pad green project onto the inside of my eyelids. More often, my word-tumbler brain wants to write a phrase or title or the whole story. Whatever the distraction, I gently return to my mantra.

And meditate.

When it feels like the right time, I send the energy gathered in my palms to a part of my body or to someone who comes into my thought. I move a little and open my eyes. On a cloudy day, it seems clearer. On a sunny day, it seems brighter. Colors are brighter in either case. Sounds are more interesting. The temperature is more comfortable. I am more aware that I am a part of the world and am grounded in reality. I am more relaxed and happier.

Time to be fully awake and alive.

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