• Sandy Boone

It Was Good!

(Great review for the Groovy Goat....)

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I like going to Groovy Goat. We go there a lot.

They have a bar and tables in the middle and booths along the sides of the walls. We like to sit in a booth. Sometimes I sit beside my Mom. Sometimes I sit by my Dad. Sometimes I switch to the other side during dinner. Sometimes they sit by each other and I get the other side all to myself.

After we sit down, a nice lady will give me a page with puzzles and things to color. She will give me crayons too. She even says I can keep them.

They have kid burgers and chicken fingers. Usually I get the grilled cheese sandwich. I think the people in the kitchen grill it in butter. Mom says they probably do use butter. They cut the sandwich in half to make triangles. They put crispy French fries in the middle for me. It is good. Sometimes I get the mac and cheese. I like that too.

My parents order stuff I don’t eat. They eat every bite of what they get. I usually leave something on my plate. My parents eat the rest of my food for me. They get hungrier than me because they are bigger than me.

My favorite part of the Groovy Goat is the arcade. There’s lots of games to play and flashing lights are everywhere. People like being in the arcade. They laugh and smile, and they clap when they win. Last night I won enough points on the fishing game to get a slinky to take home. It’s cool. I still have it.

If you try the Groovy Goat sometime, maybe I will see you there. I will be the curious kid looking at you. I will be wearing brown leather boots on the wrong feet. That is just how they feel good to me. I also have very curly hair but please pretend you don’t notice my curls. I will ignore you if you say I have beautiful curls. You can tell me you like my boots. They are my working boots. You can also ask me about tractors.

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