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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

One of my favorite things about winter is seeing trees bare. It is like their skeletons are showing. Trees are displaying their inner selves, their higher selves, their true selves.

I am reminded of three women.

First, a friend who is a college senior. Her sorority sister asked my friend why she doesn’t wear makeup to class. “Too busy, I guess, and who is going to notice?” my friend answered. Do we really believe that men are looking for women who look good in makeup?

My nephew’s wife does not wear makeup, and she is beautiful. Naturally beautiful, happy and smiling. Not surprising that my nephew, an authentic man, would fall in love with her. When they go surfing, she is not worried about ruining her makeup or getting her hair wet.

And last, a woman I met only briefly. She mentioned that she waited until her husband was asleep and then washed off her makeup. And she woke up before him so she could put on her makeup. I wonder if the shock of a bare face became grounds for divorce.

I don’t recall ever seeing my Mother or Grandmother wearing makeup. Maybe lipstick. Not sure of that.

I wore makeup when I was younger. Everybody else my age did. So I did. Never got the hang of proper application so I doubt that it complimented my appearance.

When I was almost 40, I worked in a closed building. No windows could be opened. The only air came through the heating and cooling ducts. And every night during the week, a cleaning crew came in with toxic chemicals. The result for me was a chemical sensitivity. The doctor I consulted told me to detox through diet, to use natural products as much as possible, and to stop using makeup.

The first two were easier than going forth each day without makeup. I felt as bare as a leafless tree without my makeup.

Over time I became comfortable going out in my natural face. Even without lipstick. And the time I saved was helpful for other activities.

Over the years, a couple of times, I got my face done at a department store’s cosmetic counter. I hoped I could go back to using just a little makeup if I used the expensive kind. By the time I would get home, the itching would be so bad that I would immediately wash away all traces of the concealer, foundation, blush, powder, eye shadow and eye liner.

As I have aged and my hair has grayed, I have felt I look a little washed out. I bought some good lip gloss and an eyebrow pencil. I put them away and forgot about them. They are still in a drawer somewhere. I just wear my smile.

There has been a lot of research on toxins that are found in makeup. Hello to better choices. That may just be the thing that leads us to a healthier perspective on being our natural selves. No makeup needed. It may foster a sense of freedom similar to that I felt when I ditched the uncomfortable stilettos I loved to wear as a young adult.

I agree with the call to action by Kaysheri Haffner in her article for HollywoodInsider.com. She wrote:

Everyone is beautiful in their own right, and the only perfection worth working towards is a wonderful, human and flawed imperfection. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if we can learn to see ourselves as beautiful, beautiful people, the world would be all the better for it…

Everyone is beautiful. Like the trees with their many shapes and sizes and bark textures, we are beautiful in different ways. And the world is better because of our differences. We are not robots. This is really not about makeup or the styles we wear. Beauty is in how we see ourselves. How we see ourselves is what other people tend to see in us.

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