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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

How did Bean grow?

My name is Bean. Listen up to hear my exciting story. It is about potential, challenge, and celebration. So let’s get growing.

Let me make this very clear. There was a time I was very comfortable with my situation. It was cozy. I was surrounded by stuff that held the tall and lanky me in place. Nothing ever bothered me. I just existed. No ups and downs.

Then I was dropped into a dark hole. It was as cozy as where I had been. It was fine. But then I got a big, big, big challenge. The outside of the stuff that held me in place got wet. The dampness seeped inside to me. And the outside of the stuff started to crack. What could I do? Where did cozy go? I was shocked and perplexed.

And then you know what? Something in me woke up. One end of me started to make a tiny move. It started to grow. “Well, that is something different,” I thought. But the dampness around me was becoming my new cozy. So I cradled back into cozy.

Guess what? The end of me kept growing. “Where are you going?” I asked.

“Deep into the ground,” it answered. “I am your root. I will give you strength for all that is to come for you. And what is coming will be glorious.”

“Thank you,” I said. It sounded good to me and I went back to cradling in cozy.

Uh ohh, Wouldn’t you know it! Here comes another big, big, big challenge. My other end started to grow. It decided to go in the other direction. It was going up.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I am searching for the sun,” it answered. “The sun is warm and it will be glorious for you.”

Beginning to like the idea of challenges, I asked, “Are you there yet?”

“Not yet. But you will feel it when we are there.”

“Do you mean I am going there too?” I asked.


Well, I definitely felt it when that end met the sun for the first time. Wow. Wow. I am speechless so it is a good thing I can type on the computer. Sunshine was blindingly bright at first. Then I just bathed in its golden light. I love the sunshine. I stretched and swayed and bended and even tried to tie a knot.

Something got in the way of me making a knot. It was sticking out. There was more than one. And there were things on the end of them. Those things unfurled like flags. And with the flags unfurled, I danced with the wind.

By now you have guessed that I was a seed that someone planted. Turns out that someone was Oliver. I was a butter bean seed, actually. One end went down down down in the ground as roots. And the other end, the one that grew toward the sun, was stem and leaves.

That was months ago. My life has been a series of potential, challenge, and celebration, Like from tiny seed to dancing with the wind. I learned that cozy is likely to be challenged by something. I learned that a challenge is a window into what I can become. Most of the time that leads to celebration.

Now I am a lush butterbean bush that even Oliver would not be strong enough to pull from the ground. I am strong and my leaves are lush. I can even make bean pods that Oliver loves to pull. He loves to eat my beans. He says he will save some to plant next spring. That makes me happy.

Namaste, Oliver.

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